• Umrah

    Circling the kaaba, offering prayer in harem, drinking from well of zam zam – Indeed a spiritual journey. Known as Umrah, the ritual takes place when a Muslim revisits the holy land where it all began. People from all backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities take this journey in pursuit of spiritual fulfilment. Mecca receives pilgrims from all corners of the globe which can raise stress levels for many newbie travelers. For this reason, your friends at salama offer you Ummrah services that take care of all your travel requirements. Whether it be cheap air fares, hotel stays, local transits or your food expenses, we manage all your affairs so that you can connect with your Lord in peace. Our Umrah packages are designed to give you the highest level of comfort in the cheapest of fares. Together, let us connect to our Lord in a way that is pleasing to Him and you. Contact us now and make reservations at your earliest. “So Flee To Allah” 51:50